Dead Things Ready to Shoot?

I knew Porky’s was an important film for me in my “formative” years (ahem), but I really had not idea how many others shared the same experience. Did you know that until very recently it held the record as the highest grossing Canadian film every made? Now of course it’s being remade and will likely get a resurgence in popularity.

Bob Clark was the man who made it happen, but he’s also the sicko responsible for Black Christmas and Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, both of which are also being remade. The former is set for release in a few weeks, and the latter is likely to start shooting this spring under Clark’s direction. Nice to hear it’s finally happening!

Variety found this out while discussing the Porky’s dethroning and made mention that another Clark remake, Deathdream, will shoot next year. The remake they refer to is likely the Stephen (The Grudge) Susco-penned Zero Dark Thirty,which is set to be directed by John Stalberg, Jr.

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