Barker Talks Blood, Dread & Souls!

Barker talks Blood, Dread & SoulsIt seems like every time Phil & Sarah over at Revelations put up a new interview with Clive Barker, I never have more than a few minutes to skim through it to find the good bits for you guys. These interviews are always huge, funny, informative and give the kind of insight into the mind of Clive that you simply cannot get anywhere else, so how can a few minutes be enough?

All right, so what’s revealed in the latest interview? Well, Clive revealed that Book of Blood will be screening in LA this week, and he’s said the studios who have seen it have responded wonderfully to it. He’s hoping a small studio picks it up instead of a Lionsgate so the nightmare that was the Midnight Meat Train release (it’s now playing for free on Fearnet, thank the gods) won’t be repeated.

He also mentioned the McFarlane Toys will be revisiting the Tortured Souls toy line again soon, though the only plan now is to make large resin versions of the first series. Maybe if it does well we’ll finally see more figures for the line? We can hope!

Tortured Souls coming back?Finally, Clive had just gotten the dailies from the first week of shooting on “>Dread and he’s very happy so far. ”So the first five days are extraordinary and it’s just amazing that these are the first five days that this man (Anthony DiBlasi) is directing a real movie, a full movie and he’s just taken to it like a duck to water.”

He’s also happy with the changes being made to the script and original story. ”I think dark as the story was, it’s darker now, I think the movie will be darker than the story. That may in some part be because you’re not inside the heads of these characters in quite the same way – do you know what I mean? You know, you’re watching them from the outside and, God!, there’s so much cruelty in that story, and madness and breakdown and it really is quite a thing.”

Sounds pretty damn good to me! Be sure to hit the link above and set some time aside to read through the whole interview, and keep it here for a report from the set of Dread in the coming weeks!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Caterpillar

    The TORTURED SOULS movie is something I’m still kinda looking forward to, even though I don’t quite understand why it tries to shove the characters/monsters into an entirely new story (dude exchanges regular wife for Lucidique) instead of adapting the really goddamn awesome short story that came with the figures.

  • Sexy Mcmanbeast

    Clive Barker is the man!