Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6 Official?

Halloween 6!Uncle Creepy just phoned in with some interesting news straight from the Halloween: 30 Years of Terror convention in Pasadena, CA.

If you’ve ever been to a horror convention, odds are you have seen a bootleg video called Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers – The Producer’s Cut but often wondered why this version of the sixth Myers film was not on regular store shelves. Honestly, we don’t know why it isn’t, but it may soon make be!

During one of the panels at the con, Daniel Farrands (“>His Name Was Jason) mentioned that Anchor Bay is currently in talks with Disney/Buena Vista Home Entertainment to make the far superior Michael Myers outing available to fans. Now, don’t get all excited just yet, they’re only hashing it out right now.

For more information on the alternate cut of the sequel, click here.


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Mike Phalin

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  • AtomicPhread

    I thought the man in black was cool as hell in part 5 because they never stopped to explain what was going on. Once they got into all the explanations in part 6, “cool” became “stupid” in record time. I always liked Michael in the earlier films because he was more like a force of nature – he showed up, killed people, and pretty well ignored .357 bullets. It wasn’t until the studios started to try to explain Michael’s backstory that the movies really started to suck…

  • elric300

    About time…

    Yeah, it’s still not what it could’ve/should’ve been, and the script needed better research,strictly imho, but the original cut is much more coherent then that mess that made it to the theaters.

  • PelusaMG

    But… at least it hasn’t got Busta Rhymes kung-fu kicking MM!

  • kiddcapone

    Yes, it’s way better than the released version of part 6, but it still sucks. Any plot that involves secret cults, evil babies, and controlling Michael Myers with colored rock formations is fucking horrible.