First Pic From Romero’s Island of the Dead!

First Island of the Dead still!The first still from Romero’s next zombie opus, which we’re now officially referring to as “>Island of the Dead until we’re told otherwise, showed up on Halloween over at USA Today, of all places, as well as a bit from George on what the new film will be about.

“It’s about tribalism,” the zombie master told the paper. “There are two factions. It’s the idea that even when faced with a crisis, tribal concerns about power control people’s motives.” One of the warring tribes wants to kill their loved ones before they start to eat them; the other wants to keep them alive and hope for a cure. Obviously this causes some tensions.

The story in USA Today states that some characters from both Land and Diary of the Dead will be returning for this entry. I had heard Diary but not Land before, so we’ll be sure to look into that one. Romero also reiterates that this film will be more like Dawn of the Dead in terms of the amount of action, which will be a welcome change from the ultra-dull Diary.

We’ll be bringing you all sorts of badass updates as Island of the Dead looms closer to completion, so don’t even think about checking other sites!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Johnny Butane

    FYI, just put up a story the clafiies the bit about returning characters; check yourself before you wet yourself…

  • Severen

    Ugh…looks like a pic from another cheap SOV zombie flick. Bring on La Horde.

  • DavidFullam

    Bring back Don’t Mess with Texas Girl!

  • Sirand

    Knowing Romero, the characters who come back will probably be very minor.
    Doubt we’ll see Asia Argento, Simon Baker, and Robert Joy running around.

  • frank_dracman

    If Asia Argento comes back, consider me there. I don’t care what you guys think- she was hot in that movie.
    Even if she doesn’t, I’ll still see it. I’ve liked all of Romero’s zombie movies.
    And Bruiser.

  • RingoJ

    Ok, i’m interested now.