Bulldozers? Tentacles, Zombies? New Crawler Details!

Crawler update!This past April I “>first reported on a horror movie in the works called Crawler, a sort-of updating of the notorious 1970’s TV movie Killdozer. Info was scarce at the time, but now we’ve got new info on the plot, awesome new promotional artwork, and a new teaser trailer. Not every rampaging bulldozer movie you see where the dozer has tentacles.

Yep, a bulldozer with tentacles! A tentacled bulldozer powered by an ancient evil a construction crew in a remote location accidentally unearthed. And according to an email from my informant Avery, who has spoken to the director SV Bell, getting touched by those tentacles causes victims to suffer strange burns that eventually turn them into zombies. And the bulldozer is a living shapeshifting entity, too! The way things are shaping up, Crawler is definitely not going to be your father’s Killdozer.

Plow your way over to the website for co-production company Critical Mass Entertainment and you’ll find some production photos and a new teaser trailer for Crawler, now in the post-production stage, then hit the Crawler official site to learn more. This is definitely shaping up to be a weird one worth keeping an eye on.

And once again, how about that swanky new artwork? You got your Killdozer in my Deep Rising. No, you got your Deep Rising in my Killdozer. Two great tastes that I never thought I’d taste together!

The Foywonder

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  • DavidFullam

    Might make a good double feature with the extremely obscure “Murdercycle.”

  • RingoJ

    This sounds like it’ll be a load of fun.