Perlman as Elvis for Bubba Nosferatu?

Perlmn as Elvis?I just don’t know how I feel about Ron Perlman in the shoes of The King, or the shoes of Bruce Campbell for that matter, but according to a recent interview with Paul Giamatti over on AICN, that’s who’s interested in filling out the jumpsuit for Bubba Nosferatu.

The film, you may recall, is a sequel to Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep, and though Campbell did an epic job playing Elvis in the first, he’s passed on being involved in the second since it has plunged it into development hell. Well, that and money. Paul Giamatti has been attached for years to play Colonel Parker, Elvis’ manager, and to say he’s psyched about seeing this finally happen is an understatement.

”It has all worked out so great … I’ve never been so excited about doing something and being able to throw down,” he enthused. ”Trying to put my production company in on it, too. I mean I’ve never wanted to do something like this before, but I like this thing so much that I really want to see it get done.”

Well, shit, that is one excited man. Hit the AICN link above to read the rest of the interview, and be sure to check out the official Bubba Ho-Tep site to see how they’re teasing fans. Keep it on Dread for project updates as they come down!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane