Johnson Talks Preacher

Perhaps my fears were for naught. The recent news that Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson would be bringing the Preacher comic series to life via HBO left me a little concerned. Of all the names that have circled this project over the years, his is one of the least proven, but a recent chat with Fangoria has made me feel a helluva lot better about it.

“We’re staying exact,” he told the mag. “We had our first meeting the other day, and I keep waiting for them to say, ‘We’re not doing this!’—you know what I mean? Everything in [Preacher] is so out there, but HBO’s got balls. They’re just like, ‘Bring it, do it!’”

And that’s exactly what fans of the groundbreaking series, about a preacher possessed by the offspring of an angel and a demon who is out to bring God to task for the fucked-upness of the world, needed to hear. But it gets ever better…

“Today, I e-mailed Kevin Smith and wrote, ‘I just got Preacher, and I know you love it, and if this goes would you please direct an episode?’” he continued, giving an example of the kind of guest directors he wants to see come aboard to make the series wildly unique. “I want to go to Robert Rodriguez and others too. I want it to be a prestige thing: If you love Preacher, come do a show. Usually there’s a guest actor, but I want to do guest directors. Keep the spirit and vibe, but know there will be a different imprint every time a filmmaker comes and does the show.”

Well, I’m sold on the idea for sure! Since the deal was just signed and the show will likely have a huge schedule, don’t expect to see much from it anytime soon. The image you see above is from a story from JoBlo back when Preacher was going to be 2-hour movie; it’s test makeup of the Arseface character courtesy of Vincent Guastini. Let’s hope it looks this good when it shows up on HBO!

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