The Madonna Next Book of Blood Film!

The Madonna is the next Book of Blood to see film!On the set of the latest Clive Barker adaptation to see its way to the big screen, “>Dread, STYD discovered which Books of Blood story will be adapted before Pig Blood Blues, which is set to roll sometime next year. The story is “The Madonna”, which was featured in the fifth Books of Blood collection and saw a graphic interpretation in Tapping the Vein, Volume 4.

For those unfamiliar, the story of “The Madonna” goes as such: A man named Jerry is trying to talk a local shady businessman into financing the redevelopment of an old swimming pool complex. However, the swimming pool has some mysterious inhabitants in the form of nude teenage girls who flee should Jerry or his would-be financial backer encounter them. A swimming pool in the centre is, unlike the other pools in the building, full, and glows with a strange light and appears to be inhabited by some misshapen life-form. Curiosity leads Jerry to return to the place, which somehow causes him to wake up one morning to see that he has been transformed into a woman.

Producer Jorge Saralegui explained why this was the most obvious choice for a film: ”What appealed to me about this is the sexuality,” he said. ”That’s my favorite part of horror, probably – when you start screwing with sexual notions. I felt I had a real feel for the story and I knew I couldn’t pull any punches. I pull no punches.”

The early script for The Madonna was praised by Barker, who compared it to the bizarre psycho-sexual movie Possession with Sam Neill. Good company to be in for sure! No word on who will direct this adaptation, but as soon as we hear more, we’ll be sharing!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Caterpillar

    If he wants a story that screws around with sexual notions, how about AGE OF DESIRE? I’m pretty sure an unrated/NC-17 release would be the only way, what with the gay buttrape and monkey necrophilia. I’m still having trouble getting excited about DREAD, maybe because it strikes me as just a slightly more intelligent than usual torture porn story. THE MADONNA, however, I could definitely anticipate. I read the story again a while ago and it held up well. Camparing it to Zulawski’s brilliant POSSESSION is certainly interesting.