Del Toro Talks Jekyll & Hyde

Del Toro talks Jekyll & HydeMuch like his plans for a retelling of Frankenstein in a new and interesting way, Guillermo del Toro wants to make sure that his version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is both faithful and its own beast altogether.

“If you tell the story fully, you can not only see it as a story of repression, of the build-up of repression until it manifests itself like a monster,” Del Toro told MTV’s Movie Blog recently. “I think that Hyde — yes, he’s a creature of subterranean desire and all that — but it’s more than that. He’s an addiction. In every story of addiction, people seem to [underestimate] what the addiction does to the person. And what does Hyde give Jekyll that is so powerful? That can be explored.”

Del Toro wants to make sure that his Jekyll is the charismatic, forceful doctor hiding a shameful secret, which is how Stevenson intended him to be. He’s also determined to keep the time period of the story intact, citing that it was the best point in history for such a double life of cruelty to be something worth covering up. “My interest is to do a series of Victorian horror movies, because it’s part of the heritage that was getting lost. The more the merrier,”

That just makes me smile to red. Del Toro doing a series of Victorian horror films? The Hobbit can’t be done soon enough!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Gus Bjork

    Just hearing Victorian Age setting sounds good, let alone hitting hard that Hyde is the repressed Jekyll not a separate creature. Between The Wolf Man and this, which I really hope happens soon, it gives me hope we’ll see something akin the Golden Age of Hammer come around.

  • turnpiketramp

    Edge of Sanity (which I love for it’s gothic Anthony Perkins) involves addiction. I assume he will do it with my elegance. Any word on casting?