First Look at Cold Prey DVD!

Cold Prey DVD art!Last week we gave you all the news that Anchor Bay had acquired the Norwegian snowboarding slasher film Cold Prey for release in the U.S. Today the Bay boys sent us over a great look at the DVD’s cover, which you can dig on your right!

Cold Prey will debut on DVD this January 20th, 2009 and while the disc will be barebones, at least we’ll have a choice to watch it in its original language or English dubbed (you better choose the first option…). For those unsure, here’s the official Cold Prey plot for your digestion…

It’s midwinter. Five youngsters are heading for the Jotunheimen mountain area to go snowboarding. On the slope, one of them has a bad fall and breaks a leg. There is no sign of any other people around, and their mobile phones are out of range.

They catch sight of a mountain hotel in the distance, and decide to find shelter there. The hotel lies empty and silent, obviously closed down years ago. The phone lines are dead, and the youngsters realize they have to spend the night in the hotel. But it turns out they’re not alone. In the basement they discover a filthy dungeon of a room, where somebody has recently lived…

Standard slasher or something special? Hopefully it’s the latter since AB doesn’t make it a habit of acquiring foreign films unless there’s something cool about them. We’ll find out soon enough!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Sirand

    Saw it two years ago. Standard slasher stuff. Nothing new or exciting at all.

  • aphexbr

    Wow, you guys are only just getting this?

    It’s a neat movie with a lot of neat tricks, playing on the expectations of slasher fans. Highly recommended, and I’m looking forward to the sequel coming soon!