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Perkins 14 is one of the new films to die for!Perkin’s 14, a film about cults, murder, and redemption, reached picture lock recently and is currently at Molinare, a post-production house in the UK. During a recent visit to the film’s editing room, director Craig Singer told us that “>Perkins’ 14 is the real deal: all practical effects, a cast filled with non-SAG actors and dash of 70’s horror show.

The director’s choice for fresh faces was a conscious decision to enhance the film’s authenticity. These actors have “no baggage” and “aren’t distracting” to the movie going audience who know, for the most part, the big stars are going to live, while the rest of the cast is kindling. With unknowns, the audience might not know who will be knocked off first. The casting also sits in stark contrast to the horror films churned out of Hollywood as of late, littered with name genre actors and primetime stars that drag you out of the film instead of keeping you nailed to the chair where you belong.

That being said, the only known name belongs to Michale Graves of The Misfits fame who plays Eric Ross. Graves, who previously starred in Singer’s 1995 Sci-Fi action film Animal Room, jumped at the chance to act again. He went so far as to corner Singer at a Chiller Convention and recited all his lines from Animal Room. Impressed with his enthusiasm, Singer had him read for the part in Perkins 14, which he nailed.

Singer’s next project, Fear 101, which will also feature a cast of unknowns, is in current production with the WB. Look for a Perkins’ 14 release in January 2009 as part of After Dark Film’s Horrorfest III!

Heather Buckley

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Johnny Butane

  • Balthazar

    “the only known name belongs to Michale Graves of The Misfits fame”

    I disagree. Richard Brake is quite a known name. If you’re a horror fan, that is.