Exclusive: Friday the 13th 3-D on Blu-ray?

Friday the 13th 3D on BLu-ray?We just got a very cool scoop from a spy who got to chat with Friday the 13th 3-D supervisor Martin Sadoff recently. He revealed to us that he’s in the process of trying to get the film released onto Blu-ray in its original 3-D format!

“Blu-ray 3-D is happening right now,” Sadoff told us. “It’s a new medium. There are many many major players in home television involved right now. I have seen a lot of home 3-D, and in my opinion it equals the theatrical experience, if not better.”

Sadoff also confirmed that a theatrical re-release has been discussed by the studio. “About 2 years ago, Paramount Pictures called me up that they wanted to do a D-Cinema release of Friday the 13th in 3-D,” he revealed. ”We met with the new Viacom management and went back and forth and they said ‘Well, the movie’s really old and people don’t remember it.’ But now that they’re remaking it, I hope there will be new interest.”

We’ll be keeping tabs on how this one develops, of course. Sure, Friday the 13th 3-D isn’t exactly the pinnacle of the series or 3-D technology, but the nostalgia value alone makes up for it, don’t ya think?

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane