Haig for President?

Sid Haig for president?All right, I’ve seen some weird shit during this ongoing political campaign, but I really thought the choice of Palin as Republican vice presidential candidate was going to be the most insane. Leave it to Sid Haig to prove me wrong.

During the recent Eerie Horror Film Festival, the once and future Captain Spaulding gave one of the most rousing political speeches since JFK’s heyday to those in attendance. As much as I’d like to say more, the speech speaks for itself and you just need to scroll down to check it out, then give thanks to the guys at Random Creatureface for their work on the video!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Haig came in a very close 3rd on November 4th after demonstrating these oratory skills. But in all seriousness, please make sure you register to vote and make your voice heard, or we’re all going to be doomed!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Doc Block

    I was wondering who I was going to vote for. I think I just may have found the answer.

  • Chainsaw

    NY’s already entrenched for Obama. Screw it, I’m voting for Sid as a write-in candidate.