Jovovich Set for Clock Tower

Milla joins Clock Tower**UPDATE: This has since been denied by Jovovich’s camp. Sorry folks!**

Well, it’s official finally; Milla Jovovich has joined forces with Brittany Snow to take part in Martin Weisz’ upcoming “>Clock Tower movie, so now we’re fairly confident we can say this one’s not going to be worth the wait.

Bloody Disgusting confirmed the rumor that started spreading around last week about Jovovich’s participation in the game-to-film. The star of the Resident Evil trilogy will star as a woman in a psych ward who befriends the lead character, played by Snow, when they discover a shared family history. Meanwhile a psychotic madman dubbed Scissorman is pursuing her and keeping the family curse going strong.

Actually there are a lot of different synopses out there so I’m not sure what the film will be about, only that it was supposed to be following the plot of Clock Tower 2 the last I heard. I’m sure it’ll all become clear soon, as shooting on the film is supposed to start up in November.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • gabrielenriquez

    I kinda like Snow, but now Jovovich too.. no thanks

    my own Clock Tower would be a good ol slasher with some supernatural elements, based on the first game (wich i love) 😛

    Emily Perkins or Caroline Dhavernas as Jennifer
    AJ Cook as Laura
    Vinessa Shaw as Ann
    LAuren Ambrose as Lotte
    Joanna Cassidy as Mary