Pain & Suffering Await at Blackwater Farm

Blackwater Farm wants you!God bless the American Film Market website! As next month’s AFM continues to take shape, I keep coming across interesting listings for movies we have to look forward to in the year to come. Today’s entry is Blackwater Farm, and on this farm the primary crop is torture porn.

Details on Blackwater Farm are quite limited as of right now. You won’t even find a listing on IMDB. I was able to dig up a synopsis and a trailer for the low budget fright flick at the website of distributor Karma Enterprises:

“In the tradition of Hostel and Saw comes a psychological thriller/horror when Laura and her friends take a wrong turn and end up at Blackwater Farm, where they are confronted by the eccentric owner who traps them in his maze-like mill and begins his bloody games of torture. As Laura struggles to save her friends from a fate worse than death, she finds that her past is interconnected to the owner of Blackwater Farm in more ways than she could have ever imagined.”

The synopsis fails to mention escapees from Bryan Loves You decked out in Eyes Wide Shut cult robes and a chick with an eye patch going to town with a nail gun. Give the trailer a look and see for yourself; seems just a tad on the cheesy side, though that may not be a bad thing.

My money says Lionsgate picks Blackwater Farm up and releases it to DVD sometime next year.

The Foywonder

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