Triple Shot of Creature Feature Trailers

Alien Grey Area-X!Trailers have popped up recently for three new creature features: the Devon Sawa-starring Creature of Darkness, the remake of Attack of the Giant Leeches, and the extraterrestrial battle royal Alien Grey Area-X. Wanna take a look see?

Let’s start with the Creature of Darkness, the monster movie starring Devon Sawa I first wrote about “>back in March. Fangoria is hosting the exclusive trailer for the fright flick about a group of friends in the woods being hunted by a monstrous being known as “The Catcher” that’s been haunting Sawa’s dreams. I harken back to that Don Dohler documentary “>Blood, Boobs, & Beast (review) that was named so after Dohler’s mantra about the three things needed to help sell your monster movie. Indeed, Creature of Darkness looks to deliver plenty of blood, quite a few boobs, and a rather cool looking beast. Joe Bob says check it out.

Then there’s the remake of Roger Corman’s 1959 cult favorite Attack of the Giant Leeches from Ottawa-based microbudget filmmaker Brett Kelly (official site), whose latest effort, Prey for the Beast, was just released to DVD this week. Kelly’s version of Leeches looks like it could be even lower budget than Corman’s, but the spirit of the original is still there, albeit in color this time. Hey, backwater melodrama and big ugly leeches that’ll drain you dry – what more could you ask for? Head over to Kelly’s website and have a look.

Lastly, a big head’s up to a guy named Avery for steering me in the direction of writer/director Thomas R. Dickens’ Alien Grey Zone-X, a science fiction thriller with some impressive digital effects especially given the obvious low budget nature of the flick. Actual plot details are sketchy but all one need do is watch the trailer and you can figure out it has to do with some people trapped in the desert being stalked by a madman who all make the grievous error of wandering into a restricted government area lorded over by some not-so-friendly grey aliens and their monstrous creations, such a giant cyborg spider and a dinosaur-like behemoth.

The AGZ-X trailer is most definitely worth a look just to see what kind of impressive CGI can be pulled off on so little a budget. You can find more clips at the film’s official website. I’d be lying if I said I was all that impressed with the acting. I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t very interested in seeing this one myself.

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