8 Films To Kill For: Halo-ween Fest Details

8 Films To Kill For: Halo-ween Fest (click for larger image) As if the month of October weren’t crowded enough what with all the various cons, film fests, parties, and of course our high holy day, Halloween, itself, word recently came down about an upcoming week-long run of horror and punk films called “8 Films To Kill For: Halo-ween Fest.” Sponsored by Halo-8 Entertainment, the fest runs from Thursday, October 23rd, through Wednesday, October 29th, at The Engine Theater in Hollywood.

The program consists of seven films playing every day of the event with an eighth, Halo-8’s controversial and critically acclaimed documentary Your Mommy Kills Animals, being distributed on DVD to all attendees as a Halloween treat – free with admission.

Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect:

Hardcore/Punk Matinees:

  • 3pm – N.Y.H.C. [Dir. Frank Pavich] – The legendary documentary about the world’s hardest music with Madball, 25 Ta Life, VOD, Crown of Thornz, Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Toby Morse (H2O), Lou Koller (Sick Of It All), John Joseph (Cro-Mags), and Jimmy Gestapo (Murphy’s Law). (90 mins)
  • 4:30pm – THREAT [Dir. Matt Pizzolo] – Award-winning urban thriller about an intellectual black radical and a nihilistic punk who accidentally start a riot in NYC’s Lower East Side. (88 mins)
  • 6pm – PUNK ROCK HOLOCAUST 2 [Dir. Doug Sakmann] – The Van’s Warped Tour slasher film in which a headless killer decapitates band members and uses their severed heads as disguises. This time the death toll includes The Aquabats, The Bouncing Souls, My Chemical Romance, The Casualties, and many more! (90 mins)
  • Horror Nights:

  • 7:30pm – GIMME SKELTER [Dir. Scott Phillips] – Bare-knuckled horror about a guy who thinks he’s Charles Manson’s illegitimate son and decides to outdo his old man. (85 mins)
  • 9pm – THE DEVIL’S MUSE [Dir. Ramzi Abed] – Stylish and surreal horror about a young actress living out the last days of the Black Dahlia. (90 mins)
  • 10:30pm – PINK EYE [Dir. James Tucker] – Gore-drenched slasher horror about asylum inmates run amok from the creative team behind Skinned Alive: director James Tucker, writer/actor Joshua Nelson (interview here), and actress Melissa Bacelar. (87 mins)
  • Midnight – SLUMBER PARTY SLAUGHTERHOUSE: THE GAME [Crt. Matt Pizzolo] – Interactive, campy horror film/party where the correct answers to slasher movie trivia questions empower geek Paul Tard to take revenge on his ex-friends. Collaboratively directed by Doug Sakmann, Ramzi Abed, Joanna Angel, Kurly Tlapoyawa, and Matt Pizzolo and hosted by a different starlet each night.
  • The Engine Theater is a pioneering approach to theatrical cinema: A portable projection system featuring a 1,000-pound light and steel sculpture kinetically supports a 17-foot screen. Just seeing that set-up sounds like a pretty good reason to hit at least a few of the Halo-ween Fest entries! For more info on the “8 Films To Kill For”, click the Engine Theater and/or Halo-8 links above.

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