DeLuca Developing Angel Heart Redux

Angel Hear remake now in the worksAh, man, and we were going so well without remake announcements, too. I think it’s been at least a week, maybe more, since any new ones were announced. Now we’re looking down the barrel of a remake of the classic voodoo thriller Angel Heart, according to Variety, and I’m none too happy about that.

Mike DeLuca, Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta are producing the remake, the rights for which were acquired from a private firm in the UK. They’ve also purchased the rights to Falling Angel, the William Hjortsberg novel upon which the film was based, which DeLuca cites as the main inspiration for the redux.

The original starred Robert DeNiro, Lisa Bonet and Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel, an NYC detective who becomes embroiled in a world of voodoo after being hired by a mysterious client (DeNiro) to track town a once-famous performer (Bonet) who owes him … something.

The original is an unheralded classic, and really no good can come of remaking it. I only hope DeLuca’s intentions are in the right place with this idea. I can almost guarantee it won’t end the same as the original did…

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Avid Fan

    Not to mention Charlotte Ramplings great little role as fortune teller. Yummy.

  • Psypest

    But will the uproar and controversy of Cosby kid Lisa Bonet’s bloody tay-tays be recreated?

    • Sam Hell

      Basically you’re asking if they’ll cast Miley Cyrus.


      • Chainsaw

        At least casting Raven-Symone would bring it back full circle…

  • G.D.

    Check out the original to see Mickey Rourke before he became obsessed with the movie ‘Mask’ and went under the knife in an effort to look exactly like Rocky Dennis.

    Also, it’s a great movie!

  • syd13

    anybody else here actually read the book? It took me quite a while to track it down. Well worth the effort though.

    I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than allan parker at adapting it. He really created an awesome blend of film noir and voodoo…plus, how can you top mickey rourke?