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No Known launches 13: A Friend Is a Present You Give Yourself!A couple of weeks ago we told you about the availability of the final episode of “Misplaced Affection“, a four-part animated mini-series that took place in the Dead Space videogame universe. After a brief hiatus is back with the premiere of its second storyline, “13: A Friend Is a Present You Give Yourself”, comprised of four more webisodes that give viewers additional back story on the ill-fated crew of the Ishimura.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what you can expect: Throughout the next four weeks users will explore the TUB and assume the POV of deranged TUB worker Gavin, who has violently murdered his co-worker and good friend Dennis. Another one of his good friends and co-workers, Stefan, is hiding in fear. Users discover clues and take cues from control terminals, the bulletin board, and Gavin himself to find out the relationship among the three men and follow along with the story as we chronicle their eventual demise. Between these webisodes, the graphic novel, the feature film, and of course the game itself, I can’t think of any project with as much deep, immersive content as Dead Space.

And that’s not even all! EA is giving everyone who signs up by October 10th at $5.00 off the game. They also have a pretty sweet contest under way in which the #1 crew member on the Ishimura Leaderboard will win Issac Clarke’s helmet and the exclusive Ultra-Limited Edition of the game. The top nine runners-up will receive the Ultra-Limited Edition of Dead Space, and the next ninety will receive a copy of the game on their desired platform. (While we’re on the subject of contests, make sure you also enter Dread Central’s Dead Space Bundle Giveaway if you haven’t already.) Additionally, If you pre-order the game from EA, you’ll receive the art book The Art of Dead Space absolutely free.

In case we haven’t reminded you enough yet, Dead Space will be available everywhere on October 14th.

Debi Moore

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