Trailer for Religious Horror House

HouseIt seems there are more movies coming out this Halloween season that I’ve not heard hide nor hair of before. All off a sudden they have posters, trailers, interactive games, etc. Am I just unobservant or are these movies creeping up on us?

The latest example is Robby Henson’s House, based on the novel by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. The film goes down in rural Alabama, where two couples being chased by a maniacal killer who calls himself The Tin Man have holed up in a house, in which they soon find themselves trapped. The Tin Man tells them that the only way they can get out is if they kill one of the four, if they haven’t done so by sunrise, all of them will die.

Dekker and Peretti are both religious writers, so expect that House is going to have a pretty thick element of good vs. evil. This isn’t the first time Henson’s adapted one of Dekker’s books either; his debut film, “>Thr3e (review), which stared former “Buffy” love interest Marc Blucas, was based on one of the man’s books as well.

House has a limited theatrical release planned for November 14th; sounds like just the right kind of movie to get you in the mood for the holidays, no? IGN got its hands on the trailer for it, which you can check out below.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Sirand

    I saw House at AFM last year. It’s downright hilarious. And while the first two thirds play out like a bad spookhouse movie, it does turn into sappy religious horror at the end. The finale has Michael Madsen (playing a demon) screaming “I am pure, unfiltered EVIL!” and battling an angel by firing bolts from his fingertips.

    Foy needs to see this one.

  • Mr. Dark

    Unless they deviated from source in a big way, this really isn’t a ‘religious’ horror movie. King’s ‘Desperation’ is -way- more of a ‘Christian’ movie than House. House is a balls-out horror novel. Once could easily see Rob Zombie directing. I mean, we have a reunion of Devil’s Rejects stars Bill Moseley, Leslie Easterbrook, and Lew Temple as a thoroughly fucked up spin on the standard issue hillbilly horror family.

    I have no idea if the movie will be any good, as Thr3e was horrible, but if they stay true to the book they definitely have the case to pull it off. Everyone will be -very- surprised that this came from two top Christian fiction writers. Yes, there is an overall moral, but it’s not blatant and can be easily ignored amidst the non-stop tension of the tale.

    Mr. Dark
    Part-Time Dread Central Gaming Guy
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    • Johnny Butane

      Well, that’s good news; though the plot doesn’t astound me with its originality, it could be fun if done write. The abysmal reaction to Thr3e isn’t very encouraging, though…