All is Quiet for “Pro-Life”

Sorry, no stills were found for Pro-Life!I’m not sure if it’s because it’s premiering on Black Friday or the subject matter of the episode in general, but there’s a very odd lack of info out there about this Friday’s new Masters of Horror episode, “Pro-Life”.

It’s odd for many reasons: First, it was directed by John Carpenter, one of the biggest names in horror period; second, it was written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan, the same duo who wrote the script for “Cigarette Burns”, Carpenter’s well-loved first Masters entry; and third, because it features huge fucking monsters, something we horror fans always love.

But no one has sent us any clips to show, I couldn’t find a single still anywhere online (not even the official MoH site, which you’ll notice has stills from almost every episode except “Pro-Life”), and as far as I know the only people who have seen it are those in attendance at the recent Turin Film Festival, where it debuted alongside a few other Masters entries. So why the blackout?

My guess is because the film has a pretty strong stance toward a very touchy subject: abortion. In “Pro-Life” a young girl, Caitlin Wachs, makes her way to an abortion clinic in an attempt to get rid of the creature growing inside her. She was raped by something that dragged her underground less than a month earlier and she’s already ready to pop, so something is seriously wrong. Meanwhile, her extremist anti-abortion father is storming the abortion clinic with his well-armed sons to try and get his daughter out before she can do what he sees as unforgivable. Things go very badly.

If nothing else “Pro-Life” should be a lot of fun because, as previously stated, there are big fucking monsters in it, most of them practical creations by the mad geniuses at KNB. Plus it’s got Ron freakin’ Perlman as the psych father so you really can’t go wrong! “Pro-Life” premieres on Showtime Friday night, November 24th, at 10pm ET/PT. You can check out two clips from the show over on Showtime’s sub-site for Masters by clicking here!

Johnny Butane

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