Mike Costanza Launches EerieTube!

Mike Costanza's EerieTube TV premieres on the World Wide Web!With all the remakes, prequels, and sequels being shoved down horror fans’ throats these days, more and more of us are turning to the Internet in search of fresh, original content. And now, thanks to Mike Costanza’s EerieTube, we have a new place to hang out. Costanza, you may recall, is the man behind The Collingswood Story, a universally acclaimed indie thriller filmed exclusively on webcams. Obviously the man knows his stuff!

Here’s how Mike describes the genesis of EerieTube: “I wanted to create a hip new space where fans and other filmmakers could view original horror content: an online anthology series comprised of terrifying, cutting edge horror webisodes. The storylines will be reality based horror, urban legends, demonology, witchcraft, ghost stories, and survival horror.” Along with providing his own contributions, Mike will be working with seasoned writers and directors as well as up-and-comers. As an example, Ed (Blair Witch) Sanchez is currently in talks to direct an episode that will be shot in Maryland.

Right now the site is in its early stages with teasers for three webisodes entitled “Limbs,” “The Terrace,” and The House Sitter.” The “tube” labeled Trailers hints that Collingswood could very well be showing up on the site, too, accompanied by plenty of other cult classics, indie hits, horror favorites, and creature double features.

Just in time for Halloween, there’s more to come such as EerieTube On Demand and Mobile: Tune in Terror!

Debi Moore

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