Dinner for Fiends: The Death of Horror

Another new Dinner for Fiends!Yes, that’s right, horror is dead. All right, maybe not dead exactly, if it were we’d be out of a job, but it’s certainly not looking too healthy. It’s emaciated, too pale, and tufts of hair keep falling out.

So Foy, Buz, Kasch, Creepy and myself decided to pool our incredible brain talents together to figure out why horror is dying and what can be done to save it. And you know what? We figured it out! I obviously can’t tell you about it now, the information is far too valuable, but trust me when I say that our solution will reinvigorate our genre and we will forever be seen as its savior!

Or at least totally fucking insane.

You know what to do so why are you dilly-dallying? Use the links below, get the latest Dinner for Fiends on your iPod or MP3 device, and bear witness (aurally, at least) to the rejuvenation of horror!

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  • Johnny Butane

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    • Doc Block

      Without a doubt one of the funniest DFFs this year. I loved the Movie Rental stories, Jigsaw torturing Jesus, and Warlock vs. Hellraiser had me laughing the hardest. Great DFF guys. It’s great that this site exists (and other sites like it exist as well), because I would be clueless about the good horror movies coming out. Great points and this podcast is STILL the reigning champion of horror podcasts.

    • Rob

      That massive crossover idea sounds epic and should be made. I’d pay big bucks to see that.

      So what are the podcasts going to be called on YesRomo.com? I’d suggest something to do with Memoirs of a Geisha, but I’m sure Foy and Creepy have already suggested those.

    • Johnny Butane

      So this is the thanks we get for saving horror? Fine! See if we help you guys again! I’m going to go start my long-planned Romantic Comedy site, YesRomo.com!

      • PelusaMG

        Is that going to be a gay “Yes Romo” website?

    Johnny Butane