Speaking About Sleepaway Splatter

Angela's Angry Peenie Fangoria just got word from FX artists Peter Gerner and Brian Spears that Return to Sleepaway Camp is going through some reshoots to up the film’s gore ante.

“We’ve done a shot where a stake goes through somebody’s eyeball and comes out the back of his head,” Spears tells Fango. “There’s a shot where rats are eating out the inside of a torso, and today Pete and I are working on a skinned victim. I remember watching SLEEPAWAY CAMP and being terrified when I was a kid, and freaked out by the twist ending. It’s had a lasting impact, and since I’ve told a few people who are huge fans of it that I’ve been working on this project, they’re very psyched that it’s coming out. It’s an honor to be called in on a movie like this, which has the potential to be another cult favorite.”

Some 14 scenes are being enhanced through a combination of both practical and digital augmentation. “There’s a scene in which one of the characters basically explodes; his eyes come popping out of his head, and his whole body is consumed in flames,” says the head of Sleepaway‘s computer FX team, Jerome Thelia.

“The whole approach,” Thelia contines, “has been to combine digital effects with practical effects, so none of what you see on the screen is ever purely CG or ever purely physical; it’s always some combination of both. But starting off with really good practicals is the best way to go, and that’s where Brian and Pete are helping us out so much. You’re gonna see people get killed in every way imaginable, and probably not imaginable. You’re gonna see things where you’ll say, ‘That’s not a way I would want to die.’ Everybody kind of put on their thinking caps and put their two cents in, and it’s gonna be pretty gross. I dare anybody to keep watching the screen for the whole of it.”

Sounds juicy! All that’s left is to have star Felissa Rose don a Dirk Diggler like strap-on, and we’re in business!

The folks behind Return to Sleepaway Camp hope to complete the film this summer and will then start shopping it for a release later this year. Stay tuned.

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