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Nomad's Igor creation!For those of you looking forward to tomorrow’s woefully under-publicized opening of the animated monster movie “>Igor, we’ve learned of a few bits that’ll be of interest to you…

First off, the site for the Igor videogame, which is coming out for Windows, Nintendo DS and Wii on September 22nd, has a cool creature creator that is sure to help you waste away those valuable work hours far better than actual work will. Check out the game’s site here and see if you can come up with something better than Nomad did (on your right).

On the bad news side of things, we’ve also learned that the planned Igor toy line from Master Replica has been canned. We’re not sure why, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it has something to do with the fact that the studio releasing Igor has done zilch to promote it… check out a slew of pics from Action Figure that’ll give you a good idea just how far along the line was.

Johnny Butane

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  • vorodex999

    I actually enjoyed this film, I believe it is on the same lines as Nightmare Before Christmas and a bit of Monster House. Great Halloween toons for kids and adults alike. It is a shame that the studio behind this film are not pushing it more. Maybe it will become a sleeper hit. The toys by the way look cool. Maybe(again) a different toy company will pick it up. Look at what happened to Trick R Treat, and now there’s a toy for that film.

Johnny Butane