Red State a Test of Smith as Filmmaker

Ack!Before you commit too much eyeball time to this story, just know there’s nothing new in terms of where Red State is at production-wise, just a very interesting viewpoint from its director, Kevin Smith.

His dream for Red State is that people don’t know he made it. Obviously this would be exceedingly difficult to do since he’s been talking about it for over a year, but the point is he’s trying to prove something to himself and his fans. ”I’m interested in doing it to see if I am a filmmaker after all,” he told MTV’s Movie Blog recently. “If I can pull it off in another genre maybe I am a filmmaker. If it fails then I’m a dick and fart joke guy and I should stick to that.”

If one were judging his status as a filmmaker on being able to branch out, sadly he’s already been seen as a “dick and fart joke guy” because one would have to consider the abysmal Jersey Girl (pictured) in his repertoire. But since he’s set his sights on our genre and wants to do a movie in the vein of Race With the Devil, we welcome him with open arms.

Two stories on Red State in two weeks is a good sign; hopefully we’ll be getting a solid production update soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane