Another Look at Silent Hill Homecoming

New look at Silent Hill HomecomingSome games just aren’t done justice by screenshots and Silent Hill Homecoming is one of them. Every time I see screens of the game, it tempers my excitement for it, but then I get to see new video footage, and it pushes my excitement right back up to max.

Game Trailers have put together a preview of the game, which includes some awesome new footage, some familiar faces and if I’m not mistaken, some familiar places.

The lighting and fog effects look great, and despite a lot of changes to the gameplay mechanics, the new team at Double Helix Games have perfectly captured the aesthetic and atmosphere of the series, while simultaneously bringing it forwards into the current generation.

Silent Hill Homecoming hits XBox 360 and Playstation 3 on September 30th; utlize the links below to pre-order yours now via Evilshop!


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