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Behin the Mask going theatrical!We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting some more for the official word to come down and finally this morning the wait has come to an end. Anchor Bay has officially announced, via Variety, that they will release Scott Glosserman’s brilliant Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (review) theatrically next year!

Before you get too excited about seeing it in your local googolplex, remember that this is Anchor Bay so it’s not going to be a huge release. The film will open on January 5th in a dozen major markets, which makes it the largest theatrical release AB has ever attempted. That just goes to show Anchor Bay believes the film has the potential to do better than most, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

For those not in the know, Behind the Mask is a “mockumentary” about a man named Leslie Vernon who invites a film crew to follow him as he prepares for his first night of murder and mayhem, with the ultimate goal to become like his idols Jason, Freddy, and Michael. The movie exists in a time and place where all three are real people and intelligently approaches the standard slasher movie clichés in a tone that is both respectful and downright hilarious. A brilliant turn from newcomer Nathan Baesel in the lead is what makes the film. I really hope for your sake that you’re in one of those dozen markets … Hell, I hope I am!

No DVD information was given, but I’m sure you can expect a feature-laden release later this winter/early spring. We’ll throw more details at you as we get them!

Johnny Butane

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