Hell Ride DVD Art!

Obviously we missed the very short theatrical run of Larry Bishop’s “>Hell Ride last month, which is too bad because I bet it looks great on the big screen…
We didn’t get a chance to see it but that’s all right because Dimension Extreme’s already got the DVD planned out. DVD Active got a look at the cover for the disc, but no word on when it will be out or what will be on it has been spoken yet. You’ll know more when we do!

Hell Ride DVD Art!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Terminal

    I’ll buy it. A REAL guilty pleasure. Derivative, confusing, and stupid, but fun.

  • PelusaMG

    Whether real or drawn, there’s always a place in my heart for a great pair of breasts on a DVD cover!

  • G.D.

    Never before have i seen such a pathetic attempt to make oneself look cool. Sorry, Larry Bishop, it didn’t work.

    This has some of the absolute worst, look how cool i am dialogue I’ve ever heard. Truth be told, I probably missed a lot of what was onscreen just because the dialogue had me rolling my eyes almost continuously.

    What an awful movie.