‘Zine Review: Rue Morgue #82

Rue Morgue #82 review!Issue #82
September 2008

I’ll be honest with you guys. I think there’s been a total of one Alice Cooper song I’ve actually liked in my entire life (“Poison”, from back when I was a little headbanger). I was never a fan of Welcome to my Nightmare or pretty much anything else the original shock rocker has done, but that in no way devalues the contributions he’s made to both music and horror. I just don’t like the guy’s voice.

This issue is all about Cooper, thanks to the release of his latest concept album Along Came a Spider, about a serial killer who’s slowly building his own spider from the parts of his victims … or is he? Yeah, I should warn you the interview with Alice does reveal quite a few spoilers about the album’s storyline, so you may want to read with caution.

Following the main article is a breakdown of all the personalities Cooper’s embodied throughout his 30+-year career, from Steven in Welcome to My Nightmare to The Showman from The Last Temptation. Author Aaron Von Lupton clearly knows his shit when it comes to Cooper and writes both columns in such a way that they’ll appeal to new and old fans.

A focus on TV horrors follows with a two-pager done by Dave Alexander about a new Canadian show called “Durham County” that actually sounds pretty cool. From there, Jovanka sits down with artist Vincent Catigilia, whose twisted paintings are done by using his own blood as an element, and right before the reviews is a look back at the highs and lows of Fantasia 2008. Oh, how I miss it already.

Reviews in this issue include their deconstruction of The Lost Boys: The Tribe, their (well deserved) mantel placement of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and a really great look back on the original Mummy that makes me wish, yet again, that Universal would stop raping their own franchises and just leave well enough alone.

Other issue highlights are ”It Came From Bowen’s Basement”, which features the column’s first non-horror film, River’s Edge, truly one of the more under appreciated films of the late 80’s. Good stuff. And “Travelogue of Terror” goes to Ireland in pursuit of Mummies with drinking problems.

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Johnny Butane

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