Lionsgate Giving Thanks For Ed Kemper

Kemper (click to see it bigger!)It seems like certain low budget filmmakers just flip through their serial killer trading cards looking for inspiration. I’ve no qualms about watching a documentary that deals with specific serial killers from a just-the-facts analytical point-of-view or even a well-made docudrama like Helter Skelter or Zodiac, but these DVD releases of late have just been low rent exploitation flicks of questionable taste and quality. This November necrophiliac serial killer Ed Kemper gets his turn.

“Co-ed killer” Edmund Kemper committed his first murders as a teenager in 1964 when he gunned down his grandparents, a crime for which he spent several years in a state mental hospital before convincing doctors he was sane. His killing spree resumed for a year beginning in mid-1972 with the brutal murders of six female hitchhikers; afterwards dissecting their corpses and performing necrophilia. His lifelong struggle with his abusive mother came to end in 1973 when he beat her to death with a pick hammer while she slept. After which he severed her head and used it for oral sex and later even as a dart board. He then turned himself into police, plead insanity, and is currently serving a life sentence in a California prison.

I don’t know about you but this doesn’t exactly sound like something I want to see dramatized in any graphic detail. But we might be getting just that. The official plot synopsis for Kemper – I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this aspect of the story is entirely fictitious – goes a little something like this:

Inspired by the events surrounding Ed Kemper, the Santa Cruz serial killer commonly referred to as the “co-ed killer.” An ordinary man leading a routine life, no one is more surprised by the fact that Ed Kemper is responsible for the gruesome murders than his friend Detective Tom Harris. Assigned to find the killer, he’s betrayed when Ed reveals himself as the killer. Harris is trapped in a cat and mouse game, hoping to bring Ed to justice and stop the horrific killings.

Tom Harris? As in Thomas Harris, author of Silence of the Lambs, who has said he based the character of “Buffalo Bill” on Ed Kemper? I think we can already tell what events really inspired this flick.

Working from a script by Jack Perez (director of Wild Things 2 and The Asylum’s 666: The Child), Kemper’s cast of relative unknowns is directed by Rick Bitzelberger. Bitzelberger’s credits are an eclectic lot, everything from family-friendly made-for-TV Christmas movies to multiple episodes of the late night Skinemax series “Erotic Confessions”. He also co-wrote the Alyssa Milano classic, Embrace of the Vampire.

Kemper is coming to DVD on November 25th from our friends at Lionsgate. Hey, what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a movie about a serial killer who likes to rape corpses?

The Foywonder

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  • optimist prime

    is this really what it has come down to???? a site where we sit with our hands down our sweats (that haven’t been washed for 3 weeks) and in the background is the elevating musical ambience of low volumed music, much like an elevator (maybe that’s why we get nervous in elevators when a hot chick walks in, because she thinks we are thinking of a soft porn scene…or a classy one like in Top Gun when the known guy…what’s his name????? Cruise, right? says, “…nah…I was thinking we could just do it right here (as he tests the strength of the countertop). Sorry back to the topic….you got some soft porn playing on the tv which is visible from the where you sit at the computer….nuts, crackers, maybe even a berry or two spread amongst the multiple magazines about film, the latest cameras and film equipment, a New Yorker smothered in amongst the filth from 2002, lonely and desperate to be read or at least to be thrown to the wayside…but we have come to this….bashing films not as a critique..but as a hobby? that is sad…or as as Virginia Woolf proudly wrote, “sad, sad, sad….”. Why do we feel the need to judge? exploit? rather than UNDERSTAND? (especially if the film hasn’t even been seen yet, according to imdb it’s released nov 25th!) i applaud filmmakers, for one reason, they set out to do something and they get it done (most of the time). now there may be some that are better than others, but that’s just life. Zodiac made by Fincher with Known actors, Kemper made by Bitzelberger with unknown actors….$30 million plus versus i would have to say under $500k… the world of Cinema, money makes things happen, it pays the salaries of the experienced, rather than the not so inexperienced, it gets you the shot that Bitzelberger would chop his own mothers head off to get! If we continue to bash films, rather than try and find some positive thing in even the worst of them, what will we have left in 10 years when all our known, experienced professionals have come and gone? what will you do then???? pssst…look….the New Yorker’s pages just flipped a few pages at the mere excitement of thinking one day it might get picked up and placed on a shelf, where the owner may even be able to say, “i read this article in….” and then the basher (who is a real movie lover) may actually take their hands out of their pants and try and do what the the unknowns do….make their own film! only when one does, will one truly appreciate. but bash away….by all means…..10 years from now it won’t matter, we’ll be either dead, have matured some more, maybe upgraded to paperless magazines, where the articles appear on a blank wall in front of you and when you say flip the page, your dog rolls over onto your new 20th anniversary reebok pumps, which pisses you off and to relax you go home and say “ON” and who appears but the unknown who is now the known…..i almost feeling like singing “Circle of Life” from The Lion King now…..but i will say this, i will rent this Kemper film and eat my leftovers…i will give it a chance, because i know somewhere there are a crew of people who pulled it off baby….and my hat is off to them!

    • Uncle Creepy

      Only Foy possesses the ability to get someone riled enough to leave a comment this long.


      • optimist prime

        no…just in the midst of moving and had my cable turned off today, books are all packed…so i figured why not try something new… i guess MR. WONDER is accurate…..but you are not the only my friend, believe me. you should come see me in Prison. ED.

      • optimist prime

        i thought that was getting fun…didn’t you? but it’s lights out now for me. thanks for the chat, it’s nice to talk to people on the outside. goodnight. goodnight mom.

    • Foywonder

      Good lord, what deranged drivel.

      So for several years now we’ve been inundated with an unending line of crappy exploitation movies based on the actual suffering caused by notorious real-life serial killers that certain low-budget filmmakers have been churning out on a regular basis as a cheap cash-in, the majority of which have been released to DVD by Lionsgate, and yet I’m an asshole for not giving the benefit of the doubt to yet another movie in this subgenre that has yet to earn any such merit? Whatever.

      But I do love the fact that you posted this insipid tirade about me being a big meanie never giving movies a chance the same day after I posted a positive review of a movie most people online have already resoundingly bashed and an article displaying giddy enthusiasm for a forthcoming flick that most people will also end up trashing. Bad timing, buddy.

  • Aghora Eats Kittens

    Severed Head Sex… sounds like a Cannibal Corpse song…

  • PelusaMG

    If I did that to my mum’s head she’d be pissed!

  • Psypest

    This looks every bit as classy, accurate, and necessary as that
    bog-awful Bundy movie from a few years ago.