Lynn Lowry

Watch Lynn Lowry Perform Ray Bradbury Story The Whole Town’s Sleeping

Ray Bradbury’s story “The Whole Town’s Sleeping” is a master class in building tension. It’s the tale of a woman’s chilling walk home through a dark ravine one night while her town is being terrorized by a serial killer. Recently Lynn Lowry performed a brilliant reading of the story. Watch it here!

Performed by Lowry, who also co-directed with JT Seaton, this telling of “The Whole Town’s Sleeping” was photographed by Wolfgang Meyer and Zac Polhamus with the music featured being the song “Ramifications” by Gyorgy Ligeti.

Lowry is simply delightful in this one-woman show as she plays both the narrator and Lavinia Nebbs, the frightened walker who can’t be sure if her mind is playing tricks on her or if she’s really the target of a killer as she walks the 113 steps through a dark ravine toward home, all alone. The film is just over 11 minutes long, and it’s fantastic. Do yourself a favor, and give it a look!

lowry - Watch Lynn Lowry Perform Ray Bradbury Story The Whole Town's Sleeping