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First Look Behind Diary



First footage behind Diary of the Dead!I dig the hell outta Mike Felsher. The former Anchor Bay man set out on his own a few years back with Red Shirt Pictures, producing special features for DVDs like Effects, Rock N’ Roll Nightmare, and Dark Sky’s recent re-release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all of which are better than average.

Now the man is living the ultimate fanboy dream: hanging out on the set of George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead in order to document the behind-the-scenes goings on both for the eventual DVD and to keep fans in the know. If you hit Diary’s MySpace page, you can see the first behind-the-scenes entry from Felsher covering the first week of the filming on Diary. It’s quick, fun, and will help get you even more excited for the eventual new Romero zombie opus!

Be sure to keep an eye on Red Shirt’s MySpace page as well for more entries behind the scenes. Diary of the Dead is rolling in Toronto as we speak, and pretty soon we should have some very cool stuff from the guys working on the effects to share with you so stay tuned!

Johnny Butane

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