The Da Vinci Code 2 Ghost Rider Rides Again

The flames! They're in my eyes!I was skeptical of even writing this article since I honestly don’t believe a sequel to “>Ghost Rider (review) will ever actually see the light of day. But since Nic Cage insists on talking it up, even claiming he’s spoken to the studio about returning for a sequel, I guess it’s news-worthy.

Honestly though, is there anyone out there truly clamoring for another Ghost Rider aside from Cage? I mean, yeah, if there was hope they might do it right this time, but I think we all know that’s not going to be the case. After seeing Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and even the Incredible Hulk reboot this past summer, how much worse does a movie like Ghost Rider look in retrospect? I come across more positive word-of-mouth about the Fantastic Four flicks. Sure, technically speaking, Ghost Rider did make money at the box office. Technically speaking, so did Meet the Spartans.

Talking with Dark Horizons while out promoting tomorrow’s opening of his new action flick Bangkok Dangerous (yet another Nic Cage opus so good critics are being denied the pleasure of seeing it in advance), the guy who named his son Kal-el started spouting off about a Ghost Rider follow-up that sounds more like The Da Vinci Code 2: Ghost Rider Rides Again:

The general idea was to take the character to Europe where he will work with the Catholic Church, deal with supernatural stuff on the continent and figure out a ‘connection working with different religious figures’. The film’s main antagonist has yet to be decided.

My vote for the film’s main antagonist would be a villain who can last more than two minutes.

I say Cage should kill two birds with one stone sequel-wise by having Ghost Rider travel to the island of pagan-worshipping females from his Wicker Man remake. They see Johnny Blaze as the spitting image of that guy they burned alive years earlier and begin to think there’s some sort of conspiracy against them. Soon he finds himself transforming into the Spirit of Vengeance, burning rubber around the tiny island taking out psycho feminists on bicycles, burly women in bear costumes, and defeating their entire swarm of honey bees in mortal combat. Complicating matters is a returning Eva Mendes, back as the world’s least believable TV reporter, now doing a story on this island cult and in danger of being brainwashed and assimilated into their fold lest Blaze save her first. The epic finale will have Ghost Rider having to battle the 30-foot burning Wicker Man come to life.

Oh, yeah. Now that’s a Ghost Rider sequel I’d pay to see.

The Foywonder

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  • syd13

    …you misspelled mortal kombat….heh heh heh


    • Foywonder

      Are you joking or are you a member of the video game generation unaware that the phrase “mortal combat” existed long before the game came along and changed the “c” to a “k” for marketing purposes?

      • syd13

        joking…hence the appology

      • Terminal

        Damn, he was obviously joking.

  • Hunter1006