It Came From the Internet Returns!

Wow, it’s been a long, long time since this sucker reared its ugly head our way. Finally we’ve found the time and clips that are worthy of your attention, so we’ve resurrected It Came From the Internet and now present you with the following bits of randomness from across the interwebs!
Comments or suggestions for future installments are always welcome right here; just be sure the subject line is “It Came From the Internet!”

Bruce Campbell does live radio? Why the hell not!

Ever hear of the Dramatic Reading of Half Life: Full Life Consequences? Well if you haven’t, go to YMTMD and look it up. If you don’t want to do that, check out the video someone made for the epic fan fiction Half Life: Full Life Consequences! Complete with music.

Do you LARP? God knows I do. And so do these guys. This is one of the funniest mocumentaries on role playing gamers I’ve seen. Be sure to check out the other episodes too.

Best TV spot ever? I think so.

25 Best Horror Kills? I don’t agree with them all, but it’s a nice montage.

Walter Boyle: He created Ahnold.

I love Jaws, as most know. But I always felt there could have been more. My prayers have been answered.

And possibly our coolest find yet, The Thing … with G.I. Joes.

What’s that you say? You can do better? Believe me, fiends, I have no doubt; we barely have time to spend with our loved ones let alone prowl this massive series of tubes we call the internet looking for videos. So send us your links, and we’ll be sure to thank you if they’re used in upcoming editions! Oh, and try not to shill too much, okay?

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