Frankenhooker Star Returns for The Eternal

Lorinz returns to horror!We just got a heads-up from the guys behind The Eternal, the feature film version of the kick ass short “Ending the Eternal” that’s in pre-production now, that the first casting decision has been made; and it’s unexpected to say the least!

James Lorinz, he of Street Trash and Frankenhooker fame, will make his return to horror taking on a “major role” in Eternal. “Lorinz was my first choice for the character; it was tailored for him,” director Justin McConnell said in a press release. “His performance in Frankenhooker is so acclaimed for a reason.”

They’ve also nabbed Rob Kleiner, whose Chicago-based bizarro band Tub Ring was a staple of my youth, for scoring duties, along with Matthew Dewilde (Stir of Echoes 2) and Geoff Hill (Land of the Dead) for the film’s pyro and practical effects.

Hopefully the casting will continue along these strange, unexpected lines as The Eternal‘s pre-production moves forward. Keep one eye here and one on the official Eternal site for updates!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • argentleman

    To each their own, man. I happen to like the concept a lot, find the lead guy to be pretty good. As for production values… obviously the short was shot for pretty cheap, but so what? The gore is pretty good, better than most stuff at this budget. I still say it’s shot great.

    I actually don’t get what is so “retarded” about the idea. Not very often people deal with how immortality would affect a character after a long time.

    • G.D.

      Hey, fair enough, if you liked it, that’s fine.

      But I’m sorry, budget is NOT an excuse for bad lighting. You don’t need a 100 million dollar budget to light a movie. You can do VERY good lighting with a small, three piece Arri lighting kit, ESPECIALLY when you’re shooting in a single room at night without having to do any big lighting rigs. It’s VERY simple to do.

      It was shot ok, I’ll give you that, but the production sound AND the post-production sound were awful…there were times that the music drowned out the dialogue and there is NO excuse for that.

      And the concept has not been treated in this way, you’re right, but in my opinion, none of what happens stands up to even basic logic. I’m not going to discuss specific plot points in the comments here, but SO many actions of ALL the characters made me roll my eyes so many times.

      You couldn’t pay me to watch the feature-length version of this movie if the short is anything to go by.

      • argentleman

        Yeah, our opinions differ, for sure. The lighting is good enough, in my opinion, and actually very good in the darker stuff. The color tone shift was strange, like after the dude gets his throat ripped out it changes totally…but the music changes then too, and even he looks more… I don’t know, sweaty and evil. Seems like it’s intentional, though I don’t know if I really get what that shift actually is meant to represent.

        I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the sound, I actually thought it was good too. I saw it first online then bought the DVD, and on my surround system it’s crisp and clear. You said you saw it at FOF, so like projected? Any idea what their sound setup was when it was played?

        Logic holes… I just don’t see really. I wonder why she didn’t pull the trigger, but I could chalk that up to being weak-willed and paralyzed with fear. Lets just say I’m willing to forgive a few minor gripes when the whole overall is entertaining and original. Plus the feature looks like they’ve changed it so that he’s trying to find someone to fight him to the death, so tone seems different already.

        • The Woman In Black

          I agree completely — thought the short was pretty original and had a lot of potential. Reminded me a bit of that old Burt Reynolds movie The End. I’m definitely looking forward to the feature length version.

  • arandomthought

    I think butane was lining his pockets on this one;)

  • argentleman

    Dude, are you high? That was a pretty cool short…. some of the acting wasn’t great but the lead guy is good. Good gore, funny, great camerawork. What exactly do you want? Call me interested in the feature.

    • G.D.

      What do I want? I want characters that aren’t annoying, I want a twist that isn’t eye-rolling, I want a movie with at least competent-looking production values, I want a premise that isn’t retarded and I want my intelligence not to be insulted by being asked to buy into the stupidity of the whole proceedings. I want a movie that isn’t moronic and cheesy and terrible.

      Is that a lot to ask for?

      The only reason Ending the Eternal isn’t the worst movie I’ve seen in the last year is because at the same Festival of Fear screening that showed Ending the Eternal also showed a zombie short that was somehow even worse than EtE.


  • G.D.

    “kick ass short Ending the Eternal”

    Oh my GOD you’re kidding, right? Kick ass? That was SUCH a bad short flick that I was pissed off that I’d wasted about 10 minutes on it. My God. Kick ass? Jesus… I’m speechless…