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A Venial Horror Film on its Way!




Some sins can be forgiven, ya know? Still, when it comes to the horror genre, it’s a lot more fun when said affronts to whatever are punished severely! Speaking of which, check out the first artwork and details for the indie flick Venial.

Joseph Ciminera writes, directs, and stars in the film alongside Robert Arensen, Frank Riano, James Sfferrazza, John Basedow, and Tiffany Browne-Tavarez.

Claire Gunderson (Browne-Tavarez) is a devout Christian. She’s a mother who lives with her three small children in a remote Early American house following the immediate aftermath of World War I.  She is given the news that her husband (Basedow) has died from the war, and Claire loses complete faith. The three children — Peter, Helen, and Martha — are slowly abandoned by the comfort of their own mother as she reaches the ultimate limits of depression, anxiety, and disillusion.

Three priests (Riano, Arensen, Sfferrazza) make a routine visit to Claire and check up on her. Strange things have been happening that Claire cannot explain; and coinciding with a number of odd events, the children begin to fear that they are not alone in the house. The priests proceed to cleanse the house of any evil. While performing the ritual, one of the priest spot a woman floating across the hallway… It’s his dead sister.

As time passes, the house plays to a dark and evil amusement tune. Visions of awakenings, past and present, are at center stage; and nothing is as it seems. The door of hell closes, leaving behind the family of four inside of it. Now evil will paint its symphony masterpiece.

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