Trailer & Poster for Passengers

Passengers poster!It’s disconcerting when a film’s made these days with even a hint of horror about them that we don’t hear about until the 11th hour. I don’t really know if it’s a good or bad sign, but all of a sudden today, Reelz Channel got their hands on the official one-sheet and trailer for “>Passengers, from director Rodrigo Garcia.

Personally it sounds familiar to me, at least the title, but I can’t see that we’ve done anything on it before. Passengers stars Anne Hathaway as a grief counselor who is assigned to the ten survivors of a plane crash. They’ve all got their own issues, but one of them has something more. He can read thoughts, bend time and manipulate those around him. At first it seems like a gift, but as the rest of the crash survivors begin disappearing, the origins of this new power are seriously questioned.

Columbia will release Passengers on October 24th in a limited capacity, which puts it right up against Saw V. Should be interesting to see how that works out. Dig the trailer below!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane