Striking The Thing Remake

Carpenter's The Thing gets remade!Though we had hoped and hoped for either a prequel or a sequel, that’s just not what’s cool these days and Universal knows it. That’s why they’ve just announced a remake of John Carpenter’s 1982 classic The Thing.

The production team, which includes Strike Entertainment partners Marc Abraham and Eric Newman, told Variety that the new Thing would be more of a companion piece to Carpenter’s film rather than a note-for-note remake. Which is good because you know they’re going to cast pretty people for the leads; I don’t see any Kurt Russells in this new version, or Wilfred Brimleys either, for that matter.

The good news is that the last remake Strike produced was Dawn of the Dead, which turned out way better than most had dared to hope, and that they’ve brought on board “Battlestar Galactica” executive producer/writer Ronald D. Moore to pen the script.

Notice I’ve not said one overtly negative thing about this idea for the last three paragraphs? Does that mean I’m thinking it might be a fun idea, or simply that my soul has been killed by all the remakes already and I have no choice? Probably a bit of both! Of course the age-old argument exists in which it’s pointed out that Carpenter’s film was a remake of Howard Hawks’ The Thing From Another World, both of which were just adaptations of John Campbell’s short story “Who Goes There?” so to call the film a straight-on remake isn’t entirely accurate.

So far I’m all right with the idea as it’s obvious they’ve got some talented people involved with a love for the genre, so we can hope they minimize the CGI, don’t throw in a love interest, and keep the spider head scene intact!

Johnny Butane

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