Ti West Talks Cabin Fever 2

Cabin Fever 2 director Ti WestCabin Fever 2 has been threatened for so long, you have to wonder whether or not it actually exists. It seems like we’re getting closer to seeing the long-delayed sequel to the 2002 Eli Roth film, but the question today is whether or not it’s actually worth seeing. If director Ti West is to be believed, it doesn’t sound like it.

/Film learned via a Q&A with the director that Lionsgate seized control of the sequel and recut the film without West’s approval. West told the audience he was aiming for a John Waters feel or Todd Solondz style (which I assume means lots of perverse sex and disgusting bodily fluids – sounds good to me!), but the studio had other ideas. They removed his heart and star wipes, among other things, resulting in a far less esoteric film.

Too bad. If Lionsgate is shucking Cabin Fever 2 direct to Blu-ray and DVD, why do they care? I never understood why even direct-to-video features are so heavily sanitized when the market is much more niche. I guess the ultimate concern is making sure the Blockbuster customers don’t object too much, which is a shame. I’ll be curious to see the end result, but West’s edit sounds much more interesting.


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  • Nomad

    I’m one of the few people who didn’t dig House of the Devil so I have a feeling I’ll like CF2. We really didn’t need an indie art house eye on a title like Cabin Fever.

  • fceurich39

    when is the projected dvd release date???

  • Floydian Trip

    I hate Blockbuster. They don’t carry some of the greatest films of all time. They hardly have any Kubrick films. The horror section is an absolute joke filled with DTV trash and if you want to find a decent horror film you’ve got to look in the Drama section. I go there all the time.

  • PelusaMG

    Who the hell goes to Blockbuster, and if you still do… why?

  • Sirand

    Star wipes?

  • Pestilence

    Star wipes = Star-shaped transition between scenes. I was there for this Q&A and it sounds like he really took a big gamble with what he made of Cabin Fever 2. I had a brief talk with him about it afterwards and he basically said when you see it, don’t think of him – it’s not his film anymore but will still have his name on it. To be honest, I’d still really love to see his original cut. I enjoyed The Roost, and The House of the Devil is fantastic.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Probably also so that Wal Mart will buy up DVDs as they really don’t sell unrated discs. Honestly however, so much time has passed since this thing has wrapped, my interest has waned to almost nothing.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Well I have little hope in being very good in the first place. Cabin Fever was terrible and so was The Roost.