Twilight Star Finds Summer

Ashley Greene signs on for SummerAshley Greene, the smokin’ hot star of this fall’s Twilight, has signed on for the indie thriller Summer according to this morning’s THR. She’ll play a girl looking for her long-lost father who runs into a family of serial killers.

I really hope there’s more to it than that, because man if I have to sit through yet another over-the-top indie fest about a crazy family of killers, I’m going to seriously consider starting one of my own. And you do not want that.

The tentatively-titled Summer is being helmed by Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter director Lee Demarbe; it’s already halfway through its shoot in Ottawa, and the trade reports we’ll be seeing the first footage from it at this year’s AFM.

Johnny Butane

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Wonder how many serial killer families populate the Dread Central forums

Johnny Butane


  1. To be honest this movie sounds fucking cool as long as they don’t go down that same route of the victim having dinner with the killers. That’s really starting to bug me. It was disturbing in the original TCM – now it’s just been done to death.

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