Animated Buffy Still Possible?

Buffy Animated on its way still?Back in 2002 when “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was nearing the end of its run on TV, creator Joss Whedon and Jeff Loeb began work on an animated series that would expand the Buffyverse and take place sometime during the show’s first or second season. They had all the actors in place to do the voices, tons of story ideas, an unlimited world where they could do anything without the constraints of figuring out how something was going to be created practically … but nothing ever happened.

Eventually the show was picked up for airing on Fox Kids, but after the Disney buyout it went back into its state of hibernation. Today, however, MTV’s Movie Blog discovered that a three-minute version of the pilot has showed up on YouTube (check it out below), an online petition has started to give the show a chance, and Whedon and Loeb are more than happy to see it through if it does happen.

”The best Buffy stories are ones of resurrection,” Joeb told the site. “Everything still exists — the designs, the scripts. It’s such a ‘no-duh’ project, so why the hell not? All you need is to draw it. Eight years ago, there was no fascination with ‘Family Guy’ or ‘Robot Chicken,’ but there’s an audience now that could drive to it. You can’t stand in the way of pop culture.”

Hopefully this is only the first of many updates on “Buffy the Animated Series”. Keep it here to find out!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane