Moore Wants Wahlberg for Virulents

Moore wants Wahlberg for VirulentsJohn Moore, the director who showed up with an almost shot-for-shot remake of The Omen a few years back before going on to (possibly) redeeming himself with a badass Max Payne film, thinks we’re all being way too serious these days.

Moore discussed the topic with MTV’s Splash Page recently when the subject of Virulents, the Virgin Comics adaptation he’s slated to direct, was brought up. “The world’s pretty serious right now, and there’s an ironic lightness in ‘Virulents,’” Moore told the site. “There’s a touch of macabre ridiculousness to it. I think we’ve seen a lot of attempts to make serious movies about serious things, and it strikes me that we might be a little more artful about how we make a point [these days].”

And who would Moore choose for the lead in Virulents? Why Max Payne star Mark Wahlberg, of course. ”I think he’s an actor of unlimited potential and I’d just love to go around with him again.” Moore enthused. Of course it’s doubtful he’ll be able to make such a call when all is said and done, but here’s hoping.

Virulents is the tale of a platoon of U.S. Marines stationed in Afganistan who have a rather violent run-in with some flesh-eating vampire zombies. Which are far more dangerous than the Twinkies-eating variety, mainly because they’re much faster on their feet.

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Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Sirand

    Moore is an egomaniacal hack. Fuck him.

    • Terminal

      Damn, talk about kneejerk reactions.

      • Sirand

        Nothing kneejerk about it. Moore has a history of throwing on-set tantrums, berating his crew and blaming others for his own incompetence. He’s a first class Hollywood asshole without the talent to back it up.

  • Spaceshark

    That dude on the picture needs to shave.

  • Chainsaw

    Sounds like he’s setting himself up for an out if he makes this movie and it fails.