Cthulhu Rampages Across America!

Cthulhu!David, a reader with some sharp eyes, pointed out to us that the official website for Dan Gildark’s popular “>Cthulhu (review) is going to be playing throughout a good portion of the U.S. this month and next.

According to Cthulhu‘s official site, the film will be hitting both coasts and a couple spots in between…

  • 09/26/08 – Denver, CO Starz FilmCenter
  • 09/12/08 – Atlanta, GA Plaza Theatre
  • 09/12/08 – Portland, OR Hollywood Theatre
  • 09/12/08 – Seattle, WA Landmark Metro
  • 08/22/08 – Hollywood, CA Regent Showcase PLUS Q&A with write Grant Cogswell
  • 08/29/08 Atlanta, GA DragonCon
  • Thanks for the heads up, David, much appreciated! We’ll keep our eyes open to see if Cthulhu will be adding any more theaters in the coming weeks; hopefully if it does well on this inital run more of us will get a chance to see it!

    Check out the latest Cthulhu trailer below for a taste of what you’re in for!


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    Mike Phalin

    Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

    • Avid Fan

      This movie is worth a look-see for sure (but not a goatse).