Extended It’s Alive Trailer Unearthed

An extended trailer for the upcoming killer baby remake It’s Alive! has found its way on to the net, and honestly it doesn’t look half bad.

Clocking in at four minutes long the trailer, which Bloody Disgusting dug up right after it was pulled from YouTube, shows quite a bit, but one thing bothers me … unless it goes through some sort of Kafka inspired metamorphosis the baby looks pretty normal. While I’m partial to the little clawed devil of days gone by, this one still looks to be worth a shot if only for Bijou Phillips and the body count.

Dig on the footage below:

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    I think it looks terrible.

  • Ultimo Franco

    Looks good. I’m down with it.

  • Avid Fan

    I dunno, I think this gonna be alot of fun, especially with the mother being an enabler for her mutant child. Of course it’s absurd, it’s a freakin’ baby! I happen to hate babies (anyone who says they are “cute” are insane, it’s an underdeveloped needy human) so this is certainly going to weird and creep me out. It would be interesting to see if they incorporate some kinda’ post-partum blues into the story element, I find that a fascinating symptom of birth.

  • Messiahman

    Nope, it doesn’t look bad at all. In fact, I’m still on the “it looks pretty damned interesting side. Phillips looks fragile and and intriguing here, and the idea of bringing the obsessive maternal instinct to the forefront (which was only touched on in the original) is certainly one worth exploring. It’s also smart to make this a “bottle” story by putting it in that isolated house setting.

    This actually looks like they’re trying to do something halfway cool with the concept and actually taking it seriously rather than simply doing a dull carbon copy of the original (and I’m a *big* fan of the original, having seen it theatrically — but I still recognize that it’s not exactly a classic). But hey, nothing beats immediate kneejerk reaction from self-proposed internet critics.

    So yeah, pretty cool trailer. Again, consider me very… very… interested.

    No matter what, it’ll be better than Cohen’s very own ISLAND OF THE ALIVE.

    • Terminal

      Take THAT Harry Knowles!!!

      • Messiahman

        Nah, I think Harry’s a pretty decent guy who, aside from some occasional bouts of hyperbole, really has an in-depth knowledge of film, as well as how the industry works. Harry actually knows what he’s talking about. So does Moriarty, who writes damn near the best critiques on the web.

        The folks I refer to are the whiny college dropout fanboys who still live at home in their mid-20s, publish laughably incoherent “reviews” on their poorly-coded homemade websites, and bitch about everything under the sun while the closest they’ll ever really come to Hollywood is on their trip to the local video store. The Harry Knowles wannabes whose lame critiques make Harry look like Pauline Kael. The idiots who spout “I hate so-and-so” or “this movie blows” ad nauseum and couldn’t have serious discussions on film if their lives depended on it.

        Know anyone who fits *that* description? 😀

        • Tsotha-lanti

          “So does Moriarty, who writes damn near the best critiques on the web.”

          Don’t you mean Vern? I remember you writing a couple of times on the forums that Moriarty often lets personal grudges and other EXTREMELY subjective factions get in the way of his critical faculties…

          “Know anyone who fits *that* description? :-D”

          Devin Faraci of CHUD.com?

  • bludgeoner

    Looks to me like it’s missing the whole point of the original – then again it’s a remake. I’m also hating what I’m seeing of showing “what happens” in the delivery room. I used to love the fact one of the surgeon’s walks out all bloodied up n that’s all that’s seen, more mysterious, of course we’re not allowed to use our imaginations anymore. Instead we get treated to a man being thrown across a room, or whatever that stupidity was meant to be.
    I’m not that convinced. A small part of that looked okay, but mostly it wont be as good as the original, especially the young, pretty parents.
    I’ll wait for the dvd.

  • Cash Bailey

    This definitely has a ‘so bad it’s good’ vibe to it.

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    First of all, it’s about damn time I saw a trailer that didn’t involve some bullshit J-Horror inspired ghost story. ‘Mirrors,’ I’m looking at you … and ‘The Messengers’ … and ‘Shutter’ (sure, it’s a remake, but it still shouldn’t have happened.) Or, for that matter, a bloodthirsty rosebush (see also, The Ruins).

    Second, I saw some titty. In a trailer. Score.

    Third … mutant baby or not, I’m just happy to see what looks to be a balls out monster movie hitting the big screen again. Usually, these days, that’s a genre that’s relegated to low budget DTV fare.

    Fourth (and finally) yeah, that’s a shitty tagline. But, hey, what do you want? This is obviously not a finished trailer.

    Unless further information surfaces to dissuade me, count me in.

  • Terminal

    “When the Baby Sleeps… Be Quiet… Be Very… Very… Quiet.”

    That’s what passes for quality, eh? Nah, it looks really… really… bad.