Meth Bikers Vs. Travellers in Exit Speed

Exit Speed!Just imagine the scenario; all you want to do is kick back on a nice, quiet bus ride across the vast, dull expanse of Texas, but a gang of meth-addicted bikers just will not let you get some shut eye. What would you do?

Well, the ten strangers in Exit Speed don’t have to wait long to find out their reaction to this rather unique situation: They fight back. Trapped in the desert with nothing but crazy bikers surrounding me, I think I’d find a bit of tough guy in me, too.

Fred Ward (Tremors), Desmond Harrington (Wrong Turn), Alice Grecyzn (Shrooms) and Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) make up the rather eclectic cast of Exit Speed, a new thriller from Sabbatical Pictures & Peach Arch Entertainment. We just got word that Speed will have its North American premiere on August 26th in Dallas, TX at the Studio Movie Grill. Lea Thompson, Fred Ward and Alice Grecyzn will be there , as will the film’s director. It’ll be like a little slice of Hollywood!

If you’re going to be in the area and want to be one of the few to see Exit Speed on the big screen, hit up the theater’s official site to get tickets, and be sure to check out the official Exit Speed site for more info.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane