New Ebola Syndrome?

One of the nastiest films I’ve had the pleasure of seeing since I started my love affair with Asian cinema is Herman Yau’s Ebola Syndrome. It’s nasty, it’s grotesque, and it’s about 180 degrees from everything else coming out of Asia these days. And it stars the unstoppable Anthony Wong!

There’s never been a decent release of it here in the states, but Twitch Film caught wind today that Discotek, who’ve recently released badass DVDs for Burst City and Sars Wars (read our movie review of that one here), have plans for a cleaned-up, sexified, features-laden release of Ebola Syndrome here in the US. Supposedly the bloodhounds at Discotek have found some lost footage that they plan to put back into the film, as well as nab Wong and Hau for interviews and, hopefully, a commentary track.

It’s all up in the air as of now as I don’t believe Discotek’s even officially announced it yet, but those of us whose taste delves into the sick can hold out hope. Keep an eye on their official site for news that will hopefully be coming soon!

Johnny Butane

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