Cthulhu Vs. Jewel Thieves in Nine Lives

Nine Lives cast pics!Imagine, if you will, a mish-mashing of old school crime stories with good old-fashioned Old Ones mythos, stirred together with a dash of the sublime. Can you taste that? If you could, you might end up calling it something like “Nine Lives”

”Nine Lives” is a new internet show being developed that actually caught my interest; no easy task in this day and age where everyone thinks their idea is the most groundbreaking. While the Nemesis Cinema creation may not break any actual ground, the plans for the show are interesting enough tell you guys about it, methinks.

Set in 1958, ”Nine Lives” follows a striptease artist named Kitty Devine, who also moonlights as the infamous jewel thief La Chat. She pulls a heist at the wrong place and wrong time and ends up being humanity’s only hope for survival against the slumbering horror known as Cthulhu.

Yeah, it sounds just weird enough to work in the right hands. “We’ll be touching on a lot of Lovecraftian lore, including Nyarlathotep, Miskatonic University, shoggoths, and, of course, Dread Cthulhu himself,” says creator Guy Incognito. “We mean for ‘Nine Lives’ to have some genuinely chilling moments – if there weren’t, it wouldn’t be Lovecraft! But it’s also supposed to be fun – very campy and quite ridiculous in spots.”

Check out the cast pics below and keep it here for more info on “Nine Lives” as it comes down. Of course, you can always check out the show’s official site to learn a lot more!

Nine Lives cast pics! Nine Lives cast pics! Nine Lives cast pics!

Nine Lives cast pics!

Johnny Butane

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