The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 2-8, 2008

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 2-8, 2008

August 2-8, 2008, turned out to be a rather slow week news-wise. But what it lacked in quantity, it definitely made up in quality. Smart hot chicks and a fresh look at some old favorites dominated the headlines. Yes, that last comment is about remakes, but you know what? I’m tired of complaining about them. From here on out, I’m going to talk up the ones that I think have real potential to be both respectful and high-quality and ignore the rest — other than to thank the producers for reminding me that it’s been far too long since I watched the original they’re about to butcher beyond recognition.

  • So, who are these hot chicks? First up is Abby from Clive Barker’s upcoming film Dread. I honestly have no idea what it’s about, but the concept and the artwork are certainly intriguing. And it’s called Dread for god’s sake; how can I not mention it again?

  • Our most commented on story of the week involved hot chick #2, Natalie Portman — the brainiest of the bunch — and the “confirmed rumor” that she’s attached to the Suspiria remake. I’m sure some people will stop reading when I say that I’m one of those who just doesn’t get the reverence for Suspiria, but I am a fan of Portman, so this is one redux that has my attention.

  • Rounding out our stunning terror trifecta is Shawnee Smith, who dishes on Saw V, Grudge 3, Fearnet’s “30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust” webisodes, and the new VH1 reality series “Scream Queen”, on which she’s a judge. Click the link and look at that picture again; you know you want to.

  • Proving once more the adage that everything old is new again, Paramount announced another box set release for Friday the 13th. Bitch, moan, whine all you like about the double … err, triple … err, quadruple dip. You know you’re going to get it, and you know you’re going to love every second of the new special features and extra love for the franchise, especially if it comes in Blu-ray.

  • A couple of indies, Mel House’s Walking Distance and Jake West’s Doghouse, checked in with updates. Thanks to West’s description of how the females in his film are “personifications of our heroes’ paranoia and fears of emasculation,” I’m especially keen on Doghouse. Nothing like a good healthy dose of emasculation to make a Woman’s day.

  • One of my most anticipated big-name projects is The Road, which stars the likes of Viggo Mortensen, Guy Pearce, Garret Dillahunt, and Robert Duvall. With its cast and pedigree (it’s based on a Cormac McCarthy novel), I really don’t see how this one can miss. Some new pictures from the film showed up recently, and I have to say it’s looking g-o-o-d! Fans of the excellent HBO series “The Wire” should get a special kick out of the photo Butane opted to highlight.

  • Back on the remake front, we got some further info on David Goyer’s Invisible Man “continuation”and Oliver Parker’s Dorian Gray adaptation, which recently added a slew of new cast members. I’ve gone on record as looking forward to the two of them so you can expect to see their names resurface in future Weekly Wrap-Ups as one or both ramp up production.

    And that’s about all that caught my eye other than the Woman’s Story of the Week. As I said, it was pretty quiet … except when I started listening to the latest Dinner for Fiends: Fear It Sucks. It’s the usual suspects — Butane, Creepy, Foy, Kasch, and Syxx — and let me tell you: They hold nothing back (do they ever?) The venom is especially free-flowing this time out. As is the humor. If you’ve been too busy to listen, take some time this weekend and enjoy the ride. It’s so NIIIIICE!

    Dinner for Fiends: Fear It Sucks!

    Until next time …

    The Woman In Black

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  • Debi Moore

    I'll see you on the other side...

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    • Mr. Dark

      You aren’t familiar with ‘Dread’?!?

      Get thee to a library, woman!

      It’s only the finest of all of Barker’s short stories, and does an examination of the nature of fear the likes of which I’ve never seen before or since.

      It’s like someone I read once said about Barker, commenting on this story specifically: Most horror authors jump out at you and go BOO. Barker sidles up next to you, sits down, puts his arm around you, snuggles up close…then reaches into your chest and drags out the darkest, bleakest things from your soul and waves them in your face for awhile.

      Plus, three words: scary fucking clown.

      Mr. Dark
      Part-Time Dread Central Gaming Guy
      Full-Time Freelance Smartass