Adults Only Black Devil Doll Clip at the New Beverly!

Dawna of the DeadFor those of you sickos living and dying in LA, there’s yet another cool event to look forward to at the New Beverly Cinema; the world premiere of Dawna of the Dead, proceeded by an adult’s only clip from Black Devil Doll on August 14th, 2008!

The twisted minds behind Black Devil Doll just dropped word on the clip’s premiere, which will be hosted not by the film’s director; not by the film’s writer; not even by the film’s grip; no, it will be intro’d by the Black Devil Doll himself!

Guys, whatever you do, do not bring your women to this screening. One look at the Black Devil Doll in person and you will lose her forever! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

And what, you ask, is Dawna of the Dead? Why it’s the ultimate in XXX horror, of course! Visit the film’s official site (if you’re 18+, of course) to learn more about it, and be sure to hit up the Black Devil Doll MySpace page to check out new videos and interviews!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Lex Bastard

    Don’t forget Re-Penetrator.

  • Chainsaw

    I dunno, man…I think Porn Of The Dead covered this ground better.